NBC Interview with Scansite’s CEO Lisa Federici

NBC’s Joe Rosato Jr. reports.


Fifty years after Neil Armstrong made his famous moon walk, baseball fans visiting San Francisco’s Oracle Park are encountering an exact replica of his space suit, crafted by a San Rafael company.

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum commissioned San Rafael’s Scansite to create fifteen replicas of Armstrong’s suit and placed them in ballparks around the country — using technology probably even more advanced than the actual systems that sent men to the moon.

“We really want to bring the magic back for people that were not born yet, or were too young to appreciate what happened,” said Lisa Federici, CEO of Scansite which scanned and replicated the suits using 3D printing.

The project began with Armstrong’s original space suit which the Smithsonian dug out of storage and scanned using high resolution 3D technology. The San Rafael company used the scans to create a life-size 3D print of the suit. The print was then in-turn used to create a mold which the suits were created from, using a process known as Rotocasting.

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