3D scanning a Ford Fusion Interior with a Creaform Metrascan 3D scanner

3D Scanning

Onsite 3D Scanning

Scan to CAD Modeling

CNC  Foam Milling

Large Format 3D Printing

3D Inspection


3D scanning a Shelby Cobra with a Creaform Metrascan 3D scanner to create CAD data


3D scanning a Roman male torso of the first century C. E. in the Greek and Roman Art gallery at the Metropolitan Musum of Art

Museum & Cultural Heritage

3D scanning the rotor assembly on a Sikorsky helicopter with an ATOS 3D scanner


3D scanning a macquette by the sculptor Bruce Wolfe for use in creating a pattern for bronze casting

Sculpture & Foundry

3D scanning a bike frame using a Breuckmann Stereoscan structured light 3D scanner

Consumer Products

3D scanning a model from the "Star Wars" movie series using an ATOS structured light 3D scanner


Modifying Flyte Personal Protection System using 3D scanning

Medical & Dental

3D scanning a power generation plant using a Creaform Handyscan 3D scanner and an Aicon DPA photogrammetry system

Turbine & Power Generation

Scansite’s 3D Capabilities

Scansite3D has over two decades of experience providing 3D scanning and reverse engineering services.  Our extensive list of customer includes a wide variety of organizations from Airbus and Pratt & Whitney to Nike and Industrial Light & Magic to The Smithsonian Institution and The Metrolpolitan Museum of Art.

Some of our services include:

  • 3D Scanning with Creaform®  laser scanners as well as aerospace quality structured light 3D scanners manufactured by GOM/ATOS and Aicon/Breuckmann.  We also provide photogrammetry measuring services using Aicon 3D photogrammetry systems.
  • We provide reverse engineering services using Geomagic DesignX® software.  We can deliver CAD files to our customers in STEP format for any of the mainstream CAD software packages including SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA®, Siemens NX®, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor®, PTC Creo® and Pro/ENGINEER®.  In addition, we can provide “natively parametric” (with feature tree) files and assemblies for SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA®, and PTC Creo® software users.
  • We provide onsite 3D scanning services worldwide.
  • First article 3D scanning and inspection services.
  • 3D printing in a large variety of materials.
  • CNC foam milling services.
  • Scansite3D has full 3D production capabilities that allow is to take complicated projects from beginning to end, including bronze foundry work, resin casting, virtual reality and much more.