3D Industrial Design Applications

Some of the 3D services we provide:

3D scanning and CAD modeling of hand worked and hand sculpted models:
For both ergonomic design and styling, the intent of the 3D industrial design model can be captured at high resolution by our structured light 3D scanners.

Retrofit and aftermarket:
Scansite 3D is often asked to create CAD files for reverse engineering of aftermarket products. Our hardware and software allow us to achieve high accuracy for mating surfaces, bolt patterns and other important datums.

Accuracy is extremely important for replication, especially when an object is being enlarged (in an enlargement project, inaccuracies are multiplied by the scale factor!) This is where the superior accuracy of structured light 3D scanners is an enormous advantage to our customers.

Tool making:
High tolerances are needed for die casting and injection molding. Scanner accuracy of .005” to .0005 inches is often required, and our ATOS and Breuckmann 3D scanners can achieve this level of accuracy. Most laser scanners cannot.

Packaging and container design:
Objects can be scanned and “quick surfaced” to create an inexpensive CAD model suitable for container design.