For Immediate Release

 San Rafael, California, February 20, 2018

Scansite3D 3DaaS (3D-as-a-Service) is an integrated process for creating high resolution, photorealistic, 3D digital assets from client’s existing objects for Retail, E-Merchandising, AR/VR, and the Experience Economy.

Scansite3D’s pioneering 3DaaSTM 3D assets can now be seamlessly shared as 3D posts on Facebook. With their compelling and lifelike qualities, 3DaaSTM assets provide the impactful, emotion-driven storytelling that’s needed to capture the attention of consumers. Specifically designed for retail, e-merchandising, AR/VR and the experience economy, 3DaaSTM assets are agile, flexible and can adapt quickly to companies ever-changing needs.

The new feature, which allows people to interact with 3D objects free from the confines of a headset, will introduce Facebook’s users to the delight and surprise of the 3D experience. With today’s update, Scansite3D’s 3DaaS assets in 3D posts will give merchandisers a universal and powerful tool to interact with their audience through 3D content without having to revamp their workflow.

Merchants need a flexible approach to showcase their goods across all media channels including print, web, mobile and social, without having to bear the burden and expense of creating multiple 2D images for each purpose.  Consumer’s expectations of digital experiences that are tailored to their interests and needs are higher than ever before.  A seamless, omni-channel marketing program is the new reality for retail.

The Scansite3D – 3DaaS “create once, use again and again” approach allows merchandisers to repurpose 3D images for all applications and greatly reduces the need to photograph or graphically re-create the same item simply to change the color, material, viewing angle, etc. 3DaaS assets created by Scansite3D are also dimensionally accurate and can be used in all consumer-facing shopping tools such as 3D catalogs and websites, animations, touch screen interactives and virtual floor planning.

Combining patent-pending 3D scanning, photogrammetry, CAD, and proprietary techniques, 3DaaS is an end-to-end service that creates rich, optimized, and complex 3D assets for use in any 3D application on any media. Products ranging from household goods to works of art and anything that physically exists can now be beautifully created digitally in 3D with life-like, stunning detail!

“The world is moving to photorealistic 3D digital images and away from “flat” 2D photography across all media types,” said Lisa Federici, CEO of Scansite3D.  “We are very excited about using Facebook’s latest technology to bring forth this enhancement to the user experience.” Facebook’s easy to use 3D posts, combined with Scansite3D – 3DaaS assets, lets retailers forget about the technology and focus on sales.

Scansite3D is now offering 3DaaSTM as an end-to-end service to merchant customers.  Depending on volume, 3D digital capture service can also be implemented at the customer’s site or warehouse. For more information, please visit: