This insightful book provides an insider’s glimpse into how Scansite 3D helped sculptor Robert Graham create the Vatican’s most ambitious building project since the Renaissance. Spanning over a 2 year period, Scansite 3D used high end 3D laser scanner on tiny, one inch, hand sculpted tiles to produce meticulous 3D data for CNC milling and bronze casting. The resulting files were digitally enlarged a whopping 32 times from their original size!

Great Bronze doors of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, CA

The book also provides a unique perspective into the world of 3D laser scanning, as told by Robert Graham himself, and gives  the reader a glimpse into the creative design process. Reading this book allows one to truly understand the 3D scanning process, as well as, appreciate the beauty and meaning of the Cathedral’s bronze doors.  Photographs and technical diagrams are a special treat for readers who like to have the full story!

A multi-year collaboration between artist Robert Graham, Scansite 3D and others is revealed in this fascinating book.

Robert Graham: The Great Bronze Doors for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, hardcover, by Jack Miles, Peggy Fogelman, Noriko Fujinam